Digitalization in hazard prevention

Drone detection & defense

The use of drone technology offers a wide range of productive applications in logistics, surveying and inspection tasks, to name just three examples. At the same time, in the wrong hands and at the wrong time and place, the same technology can cause significant harm. Think of unauthorized operation of drones near an airport or their use as sensor platforms for espionage purposes. A first step towards effective drone defense is early detection and tracking of suspicious objects in order to quickly initiate passive countermeasures. Furthermore, pinpointing the control and data link can help security forces locate the pilot and take appropriate action. Easily said, but we did it!

»As the German air safety authority, we are working on ways to integrate drones into airspace safely and fairly. This requires automating existing processes and advancing the digitalization of traffic management. An integral part of this is also systematic detection of non-compliant aircraft at Germany's international commercial airports.«

Angela Kies
Head of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung

Digital support made to order

Selection of reference projects


New threat dimension from the air

Easy and inexpensive access to drones has opened up new attack options for criminals and terrorists, confronting civil security agencies (collectively known as in German as »BOS«) with new challenges. To support these agencies, a German-Austrian joint project called »AMBOS« is currently developing a system to reliably detect drones and, if necessary, effectively defend against them.