System Design and Evaluation

As a manufacturer-independent research service provider, the Fraunhofer FKIE supports the design of complex technical system components for a variety of control tasks as well as the specification and verification of technical or user-related requirements. One of the areas where this is of great importance is in the preparation of a procurement decision or in the run-up to system development. For this purpose, the institute also develops and operates its own test environments, as well as offering support in the analysis and presentation of complex process flows and system contexts.


  • System and process analysis
  • Specification of requirements
  • Modeling and prototyping
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Standardization
  • Quality management


Reference projects


Safe navigation through the Northwest Passage

The Northwest Passage is becoming increasingly navigable. This is good news because it offers a route some 5,000 nautical miles shorter than that between East Asia and Europe via the Suez Canal. For shipping companies this means enormous savings, but these savings come at the cost of enormous risks for shipping traffic. The German-Canadian »PASSAGES« research project, co-initiated by Fraunhofer, aims to change this.


Aerial reconnaissance to protect convoys

In urban environments in particular, protecting convoys is a difficult task. There are too many buildings and obstacles that offer potential attackers opportunities for concealment. The Fraunhofer FKIE has created a reconnaissance system that helps provide a continuous overall situational picture for the Forward Air Controller (FAC) accompanying the convoy and thus detect, track and identify potential threats.


Better visibility in protected vehicles

The Bundeswehr operates a wide range of complex land vehicles that place high demands on their drivers. The project »Vision support and driving assistance for protected vehicles (SiFaU)« explores concepts for ergonomically validated technical driving assistance and vision systems as well as remote control assistance and automation systems.