»WInnF President’s Award« for FKIE researcher Dr. Marc Adrat

The list of awardees is short, and yet a short time ago his name was on the list: Dr. Marc Adrat, the longstanding head of the Software Defined Radio research group at the Fraunhofer FKIE in Wachtberg has been recognized with the Wireless Innovation Forum’s (WInnF) 2021 President’s Award. With its award, the US-based forum honors Adrat’s activities on various committees and working groups within the WInnF.

Adrat, who studied electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen University has conducted research at Fraunhofer FKIE since 2005, in particular on the topics of Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Cognitive Radio, topics that also play a central role in the work of WInnF. Founded in 1996, the forum is a global collaboration of representatives from some 80 industry and research institutions, governmental organizations and standardization authorities working towards the innovative use of the electromagnetic spectrum as well as research and development of radio technologies with a view to security-critical scenarios.

For the past 17 years, Adrat has been involved in several of the organization's committees with a special focus on the activities of the Software Defined Systems (SDS) Committee. Among its activities is the development of standards for military SDR-based radios, which are also followed by the Bundeswehr's Software Defined Radio system. It was Adrat's role as the editor of ten technical reports and specifications in the past year that ultimately tipped the scales for his selection as the recipient of the 2021 President's Award. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, Adrat actively participates in the board of directors, the overall steering and controlling body of the WInnF, advises the SDS Committee Steering Group and organizes WInnF events in Europe, such as those held at the Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin in 2019.

»The award came as a complete surprise to me,« says Adrat. He said that he got the good news in mid-February at a virtual working group meeting where the topic was not even on the agenda. »I was not expecting to get this kind of recognition.«

Dr. Markus Antweiler, the Deputy Director of Fraunhofer FKIE and Head of the Communication Systems department, congratulated his longtime colleague. "Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio are key research topics for Marc,« said Antweiler, adding that Joe Mitola, who was also the first recipient of a WInnF award in 2002, was among the pioneers of these innovative technologies, »which is why it gives me great pleasure to see Dr. Marc Adrat in a line with him and other renowned scientists.«