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The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading applied research organization in Europe. Under its auspices, 75 institutes and research facilities with about 29,000 employees work at locations throughout Germany. Together, they handle an annual research volume in excess of 2.8 billion euros. Branches in Europe, North and South America, and Asia promote international cooperation.

Why Fraunhofer FKIE?



Dr. Hanna Geppert

»What I value most about FKIE, is the high level of interdisciplinarity. We have experts from areas as diverse as classical computer science, ergonomics and linguistics all working together. You're always learning.«


Whole spectrum of IT


>> Martin Chauchet

»As an employee of the Central IT department, I work in a key cross-sectional function covering the entire spectrum of a large IT research institute. The work is always challenging and diverse, which offers a lot of variety.«



>>  Lisa Marie Prinz

»At FKIE, you see that so many people are passionate about what they do, and you hear them talking about it enthusiastically. That spurs you on even more, and you pick things up from all sides.«

Cybercrime Detectives


>>  Martin Lambertz

»In our department, we work toward closing gaps in cyber forensics and making it more accessible to investigators. We also support security authorities in active investigations. This mix is extremely exciting.«

International Travel


>>  Jan-Niclas Hilgert

»As a cyber forensic scientist at FKIE, I have the privilege of presenting our research at conferences around the world. They are a great opportunity to exchange ideas with other scientists and position FKIE in the international forensic community.«



>>  Joachim Biermann

»Passing on science and management experience and supporting young colleagues has been a particularly rewarding part of my professional life. The fact that I also learned a great deal and saw so many new things in the process has made it even better.«

Visionary research


>>  Dr. Felix Govaers

»Here at FKIE, visionary thinking is the order of the day. Our gaze is fixed into the distant future. The way we work is highly innovative. You feel like you’re shaping the future and working on solutions that make the world a safer place.«

Family friendly


>> Carolin Schwalm

»At Fraunhofer FKIE, the whole package is right for me: the topics, the applied research, the opportunity to do a PhD, the location and – very important for us as a young family – the family-friendliness.«

Learning on the job


>> Souradip Saha

»I've learned more as a research assistant at the FKIE than in all my time at the university. Here you learn on the job – it’s first-hand experience. It's fun. Studies are much more theoretical.«

Latest technologies


>> Ron Becker

»At the FKIE you get to see the latest technologies at a time when they are still totally prototypical and far from market ready.«

World-class research needs world-class people – that's why we need you!

What do we offer?


  • Exciting and challenging tasks
  • Practice-oriented projects
  • Cutting-edge technical equipment
  • Freedom to do research
  • Young, international Teams
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work-life balance
  • Attractive benefits package


Close collaboration with:

  • Ministry of Defense,
  • Federal security services
  • Scientific community
  • Universities
  • Industry & policy makers

Who we are looking for?


Science & research

  • Computer scientists
  • Electrical engineers
  • Physicists
  • Mathematicians
  • Engineers
  • Psychologist
  • Comparable fields of study



  • Business administrator
  • Administrative specialist
  • Business professionals

Education levels of our hires:

  • Secondary school students
  • Trainees
  • University graduates
  • Doctoral students
  • Experienced professionals

University Collaboration


The Fraunhofer FKIE involves close cooperation with renowned universities, institutes, and colleges.



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