Research-based Development of System Components

With its application-oriented research, the Fraunhofer FKIE supports users, operators and manufacturers of complex technical systems in developing innovative software solutions for a broad range of control tasks. The focus is on the aspects of information acquisition, transmission, processing and visualization. The institute and its scientific teams have outstanding expertise and extensive project experience in these areas.


  • Information acquisition
  • Secure information transmission
  • Command/decision support
  • System integration
  • User-friendly system design

Experimental CBRNE robots

When tasks are too dangerous for humans, robots provide support. CBRNE reconnaissance is a prime example of such a task. Despite having the right equipment and extensive training, a danger to life and limb for the armed forces and emergency services can never be completely ruled out. Here is where robots equipped with CBRNE sensor technology and autonomous assistance functions can take over for humans.


Clarity in the jungle of energy research

The landscape of energy research is becoming increasingly complex. What are the federal and state governments funding, where, and how? Since May 2017, a central online information portal has been creating transparency. It gives project sponsors, policy makers and the public unified access to information on energy research in Germany. The specialized ontology for the new semantic search function offered through the portal is a development of the Fraunhofer FKIE.