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The online magazine of Fraunhofer FKIE presents current research topics  and solutions for the urgent challenges of our time.

»Digitalization in hazard prevention«

What opportunities and potential does digitalization offer for security authorities and emergency forces? And how can Fraunhofer FKIE support them?


Topic overview:


  • Fire department & disaster preparedness
  • Border & site security
  • Drone detection & defense 

Press releases



EDA award for Johannes Loevenich

The European Defence Agency (EDA) has awarded Johannes Loevenich the "EDA Research, Technology, and Innovation Papers Award 2023" for his new methodology for solving complex optimisation problems in modern tactical communication systems. His approach focuses on communication systems in mobile ad hoc networks, which are particularly important in military contexts.



Agreement signed in Wachtberg

The German Army Headquarters (KdoH) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE are intensifying their cooperation. The Chief of the German Army, Lieutenant General Alfons Mais, and institute director Dr Peter Martini signed a cooperation agreement at the FKIE office in Wachtberg.  



Women scientists lead the way!

Only just under a third of those working in science worldwide are women. Particularly in the so-called MINT subjects - mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology - men are still clearly in the majority, both at university and in the professional world. On the "International Day of Girls and Women in Science" on 11 February, female researchers from the Fraunhofer FKIE will report on their experiences.



NLytics System wins international competition

More success for Fraunhofer FKIE scientist Albert Pritzkau: His NLytics system was declared the winner of the newest shared-task competition CLAIMSCAN 2023, organized by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. The system is the result of a joint research project in collaboration with the University of the Bundeswehr Munich and aims to detect propaganda and misinformation campaigns on social media using AI.

Upcoming Events



Robotic Competition I 24. - 28.06.2024

ELROB 2024: European Land Robot Trial in Trier

ELROB enables you to get a glance at the latest R&D in the area of unmanned outdoor/off-road ground systems.

Academy I 12. - 15.08.2024

SDF Summer School 2024 in Bad Honnef

In August 2024 Fraunhofer FKIE will host the 1st Sensor Data and Information Fusion Summer School.

Symposium I 25. - 27.11.2024

16th Symposium Sensor Data Fusion

Trends, solutions and applications are the focus of the 16th Sensor Data Fusion Symposium in Bonn.


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