Research in focus

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

Critical infrastructures (CRITIS), such as energy, water and medical care, are vital for society. The failure of any one of these quickly has drastic consequences for every citizen. However, the change in these areas in the course of the ongoing process of digitalization not only offers great opportunities for securing Germany as an attractive place to do business and making it ready for the future, but it also poses considerable risks. A wide variety of systems and structures are increasingly interconnected and thus more susceptible to disruption. As society becomes more dependent on functioning IT, so does associated risk and vulnerability. Creating security for CRITIS is therefore a core task of the public sector in research, industry and education and is a research priority of the Fraunhofer FKIE.



Maritime Awareness

Situation picture optimization for port protection

Port surveillance on, above and below the water


Energy sector

Cyber-secure power supply

The power grid: the most critical of all critical infrastructures


CBRN protection

Operational support through robotics

EnRicH – Robots practice for nuclear emergencies


Safety for emergency personnel

Marine fire fighting

Live information from burning ships


Comprehensive protection concepts

Interview with Peter Lauwe, Head of the division »Risk management CI and CIP concepts« in the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK)