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Research in focus

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

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Research in focus

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

The failure of critical infastructure would have far-reaching consequences. Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) is therefore is a focal area of research of the Fraunhofer FKIE.

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Maritime Awareness

Situation picture optimization for port protection

Port surveillance on, above and below the water

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Energy sector

Cyber-secure power supply

The power grid: the most critical of all critical infrastructures

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CBRN protection

Operational support through robotics

EnRicH – Robots practice for nuclear emergencies

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Safety for emergency personnel

Marine fire fighting

Live information from burning ships

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Expert interview

Coordination & protection concepts

Interview with Peter Lauwe, head of the division »Risk management CI and CIP concepts« in the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK)

Press releases



Ethical and legal principles for AI in defence

Airbus Defence and Space, the German prime for the tri-national Future Combat Air System Program (FCAS), has contracted Fraunhofer FKIE and DMI Solutions to develop an Explainable AI (XAI) demonstrator. The project is realized jointly with the FCAS Expert Commission on the responsible use of new technologies.



Drones for search and rescue in disaster areas

Drones equipped with microphone arrays will help rescue workers in disaster areas to find and rescue survivors more quickly. They can detect cries for help and signals from buried victims from the air and simultaneously pinpoint their location. FKIE scientist Macarena Varela has developed this technology.



Funding for underwater vehicle

The second phase of the Modifiable Underwater Mothership (MUM) project has now been initiated following the handing down of a funding decision by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Norbert Brackmann, the German government's coordinator for the maritime industry, presented the funding notification at the thyssenkrupp Marine Systems shipyard in Kiel. For FKIE, Alexander Nies (department Cyber Analysis & Defense) attended.



Dr. Alexander Charlish receives IEEE Award

He is the first Fraunhofer researcher and the second German ever to receive the prestigious IEEE Fred Nathanson Memorial Radar Award. Dr. Alexander Charlish, a scientist and team leader at Fraunhofer FKIE, received the international award for his outstanding work in the field of radar resource management and cognitive radar. 


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