Lecture »Network Security«

Suspended until further notice.


Key components of the Internet originally were designed for a strictly co-operative environment in the area of research and teaching. Today, the Internet has become vital both for our globalized economy and for all kinds of social networks.

Unfortunately, the Internet also has become a central playground for organized crime: Millions of PCs are remotely controlled as parts of »Botnets« – ready to attack – anytime – anywhere. But this is only one example of today’s risks in networked environments.

In our lecture »Network Security«, students come to know risks and vulnerabilities of today’s computer networks as well as concepts to mitigate these risks and increase the level of security. We follow a real-world oriented, »hands-on« approach. Thus, in the exercises to the lecture you will have to solve practical tasks in our SecLab.



You need basic knowledge of network protocols. Therefore it is recommended that you attended »Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen« or a similar lecture in advance.