11th Symposium Sensor Data Fusion  /  10.10.2017  -  12.10.2017

Trends, Solutions, and Applications


To a degree never known before, human decision makers or decision making systems have access to a vast amount of data. Therefore, real-time data streams must not overwhelm the actors involved. On the contrary, the data are to be fused to high-quality information to provide a reliable decision support. Being a challenging exploitation technology at the common interface between sensors, command & control systems, data and information fusion has a large potential for future security and ISR systems in defence and civilian applications.



Sensor Data Fusion techniques provide higher-level information by spatio-temporal data integration, the exploitation of redundant and complementary information, and the available context. Important applications exist in logistics, advanced driver assistance systems, medical care, public security, defence, aerospace, robotics, industrial production, precision agriculture, trac monitoring, sensor positioning, and resource management.


Plenary Talk

Lennart Svensson: »Sets of trajectories and conjugate prior densities: two general tools for multi-target tracking«


Key Aspects

  • Distributed sensor fusion in complex scenarios
  • Fusion of heterogeneous sensor information
  • Exploitation of non-sensor context knowledge
  • Artificial Intelligence of autonomous systems
  • Risk analysis / data driven sensor management