Stone Soup Workshop  /  12.10.2017, 14:00 - 16:00

An Open Source framework for Tracking and State Estimation

Tracking and state estimation researchers and practitioners have a requirement to benchmark their own work to objectively assess which algorithms meet requirements. However this means a lot of effort recreating state-of-the-art algorithms rather than developing new approaches. 

Therefore an international collaborative initiative has started to create an open source framework for production, demonstration and evaluation of Tracking and State Estimation algorithms. The initiative will develop a (MIT-licensed) software platform for researchers and practitioners to test, verify and benchmark a variety of multi-sensor and multi-object state estimation algorithms. The initiative is so far supported by four government laboratories, who will contribute to the development effort for the framework. 

This workshop is to make interested parties aware of this effort and to extend an invitation to anyone who wishes to participate.

The tracking and state estimation community will derive significant benefits from this work, including: access to repositories of verified and validated tracking and state estimation algorithms, a framework for the evaluation of multiple algorithms, standardisation of interfaces and access to challenging data sets.