Symposium  /  26.6.2017  -  28.6.2017

5. International Digital Human Modeling Symposium

Digital Human Models (DHM) have matured from simple drawing templates and topics of abstract research to complex and integrated design and analysis tools for multiple industrial applications. They are frequently used by engineers, designers and others to allow an early consideration and inclusion of characteristic human factors in the design of new products, processes and systems. DHMs support the ergonomic evaluation of new product designs during early design stages by modeling anthropometry, posture, motion or predicted discomfort. It is also an effective and efficient way to accelerate the total design process.

Today, most DHMs model human anthropometry and biomechanics to facilitate, e.g., sight, reach, and comfort analyses. Others model human simulate performance and allow planning and optimization of workplaces and production processes. By integrating different types of DHM systems in a holistic approach, more comprehensive simulations and analyses during early design phases will become possible. Such a holistic approach will increase speed of design for innovative products and production systems significantly.

The 2017 Digital Human Modeling Symposium will provide an international forum for researchers to report their latest innovations, summarize state-of-the-art as well as exchange ideas, results, and visions in all fields of digital human modeling research.

The 2 1/2 day symposium will be followed by a meeting of the IEA Digital Human Modeling Technical Committee on Human Simulation and Virtual Environments (TC HSVE). This will take place on the afternoon of June, 28. Members and others are welcome to join.

The symposium will take place at Fraunhofer FKIE, Zanderstr. 5, in Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany.