NATO Specialist Meeting  /  30.5.2018  -  1.6.2018, 08:00 - 18:00

»Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Military Decision Making«

The NATO Science and Technology Board (STB) highlights the requirement for decision making by exploiting Big Data and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) means in NATO. This Specialists’ Meeting will provide attendees a forum to discuss state-of-the-art technologies, developments, concepts and operational requirements with regard to emerging technologies. The combination of specialists from various technical and non-technical domains in NATO allows a universal and unbiased discussion.

Below is a (not exhaustive) list of relevant topics to be tackled during the event. The names of the Panels given in brackets are not exclusive and are just a snapshot for current activities.

Information Analysis

Social Media Analysis (HFM, SAS); Hard and Soft Information Fusion (IST, SET); Visual Analytics (IST); On Sensor Data Processing (SET); Signal Mass Data Processing; ...


Data Collection Architectures (SCI); AI-services in the Cloud (NMSG, IST); Reference Architecture for Human Behavior Modeling (NMSG, HFM); Internet of Things (IST, SCI); Semantic Interoperability (IST)

Training and Visualization

Augmented Reality (NMSG, HFM); Decision Training (HFM, NMSG, SAS); Leader Development (HFM); Serious Gaming (HFM, NMSG)

Information Warfare

Exploitation of Cyberspace for Intelligence (IST); Threat Indication (IST, SCI); Trust in Algorithms Processing Large Data Sets (NMSG); ...

Further topics

Decision Support: Predictive Analysis (IST); Cognitive Science (HFM, IST); Multi-Sensor Data and Information Fusion (SET, IST); Human-Machine and Machine-Machine Interaction (HFM, IST, SCI); Moral Decisions (HFM); Advanced Statistical Methodology: non-parametric and Multivariate (SAS); ...