Konferenz  /  25.10.2016  -  27.10.2016

Call for Papers/Participation - INTELLIGENCE & AUTONOMY IN ROBOTICS

IST-127/RSM-003 Specialists’ Meeting - NATO Lecture Series SET-216

General Scope of the Meeting

Over the last decade significant progress has been achieved in the autonomy of mobile robots and unmanned vehicles. Due to advances in 3D sensing, motion planning, and navigation safe and reliable operation of autonomous military trucks will very soon be possible. Current research on semantic environment perception, mobile manipulation, and mission planning will enable mobile robots to perform task autonomously in the future that can only be carried out using tele-operation today, like e.g. EOD and reconnaissance missions with robots. It is also foreseeable that future autonomous systems will directly interact and cooperate with the soldiers in the field, e.g. for carrying equipment or during search and rescue missions. However, to achieve these goals the algorithms devised for the intelligence and autonomy of the systems have to address requirements specific to the military that are barely addressed by the main body of current research. Military robots have to operate in highly unstructured and hostile outdoor and off-road environments, raising the need to gain full situational awareness in 3D in real-time for autonomous navigation and task execution. They have to take military rules and tactics into account while performing their missions and they have to interact and cooperate with each other and the soldiers in the field. Therefore, specialized knowledge representations have to be developed that not only allow integrating the robots uncertain sensor information but also enable mission planning on a symbolic level. The representations also have to facilitate the direct interaction of robots and soldiers as well as the easy integration with modern command systems. To strengthen and speed-up the development of intelligent autonomous military robot systems a close collaboration between researchers of different NATO nations is necessary, especially in order to keep upcoming differing solutions compatible and interoperable.

This Specialists’ Meeting is NATO UNCLASSIFIED open to PfP nations

Call for Papers